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Our Team

Tom Birchard

Tom Birchard

Tom was born in Williamsburg, PA and grew up in Pennsauken, NJ. He attended Rutgers University, graduating in 1969 with a degree in business administration. He was introduced to Veselka in 1965 while dating the original owner's daughter, Marta. Marta and Tom married the following year and Tom began working at Veselka part-time while completing his education at Rutgers. They have two children, Jason and Tom Jr. Tom took over the operation of the business in 1975 when his father in law died suddenly and has been running Veselka ever since with the help of his son, Jason. Tom and Marta eventually separated and Tom later married veterinarian Dr. Sally Haddock who owns St. Marks Veterinary Hospital. They have three children, Kristen, Todd and Sara.

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Jason Birchard

City raised and a graduate of SUNY Albany, Jason has been working in Veselka since he was a teenager. Upon graduation in 1989, he was instrumental in opening Veselka up to 24 hours in 1991. In 1996 he ventured to Japan as an instructor in ESL, returning in 2000 to assist in daily operations. Today he continues to oversee all aspects and is always searching for new ventures to expose Veselka. Jason married in 2009 to Jessyka Cueva, and have one child, Sofia.

Lisa Staub Pastry Chef

Lisa Straub

Pastry Chef

Irena Piasecka General Manager

Irena Piasecka

General Manager