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Veselka Is Love

Episode 3: Varenyky

There are few restaurants that can proudly say that their Pierogies (Varenyky) are "handmade." Veselka is one of those few in the United States, lovingly crafted by women who hail from Ukraine.

October 8, 2022, is National Pierogi Day! 

Episode 2: Ride for Ukraine

On May 22, 2022 the Veselka bike team invited members of the public to join them on a solidarity bike ride for Ukraine.  The 12-mile course around Manhattan not only brought attention to the peace effort, but it also raised important donations benefitting Ukraine.  Visit today to make your charitable contribution.  

Episode 1: The Muralist

For over 40 years, Arnie Charnick has been sharing his artistic talents as Veselka's Muralist. In June 2022, Arnie painted his new mural (Rubble Raiser), replacing his previous (Vaselka Blooms [sic]) to show solidarity for Ukraine during their devastating war. Visit Veselka today to see Arnie's solidarity mural with your own eyes.